Google Creating Rename Refactoring Tool

Google has issued a request for comments on a rename refactoring tool based on clang’s libtooling API. Their first iteration will:

  1. Provide a command-line tool which will semantically rename a symbol in a set of input files.
  2. Provide an API for performing a rename refactoring to allow integration into any development environment (Emacs, Vim, CodeMirror, etc.)

The tool will be released under the terms of the existing clang license and integrated into the clang source tree.


Using Boost Libraries in Windows Store and Phone Applications

Steven Gates has written a blog post on how to use Boost libraries in applications for the Windows store and Windows Phone . ┬áThe changes necessary to support these environments haven’t yet been merged into the master branches of the relevant Boost modules on github yet, but you can obtain them from the instructions in Steven’s blog post. ┬áSteven is requesting feedback via his blog on these changes and input on enabling more Boost libraries for these environments.