Join the Utah C++ Programmers MeetUp!

I’ve started a Utah C++ Programmers MeetUp group to organize meetings of the Utah C++ Users Group. This will make it easy to schedule meetings, allow people to RSVP, etc. In short, this is what MeetUp was designed for, so it’s really the best tool for the job instead of a blog.

To quote The Evil Dead (1981), Join Us!


C++ 14 ISO Standard Ratified

On August 18th, 2014, the ISO standards body ratified the latest version of the ISO C++ standard, known as C++14. You can obtain a working draft of the C++14 standard (N3797), which is likely to be nearly identical to the final published standard. Published standards can only be obtained from standards bodies by paying a fee, so most of us make do with the last draft standard issued prior to the official ratification of the standard.

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