Two Exciting Releases from JetBrains

Both of these are in the “early access program” state, but they are exciting:

ReSharper is an add-on for Visual Studio, long familiar to C#/.NET programmers around the world as the one indispensible add-on for .NET development. ReSharper for C++ brings all that wonderful goodness to C++ programmers using Visual Studio.

CLion is a new cross-platform C/C++ IDE that uses CMake as it’s project and build system. CLion runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS using the gcc derived toolchains on all three platforms. (If you want to use Visual Studio’s compiler and IDE, use ReSharper for C++.)

In case you are unfamiliar with JetBrains, they are the company that brought us ReSharper for C# and IntelliJ IDEA for Java, two of the most-loved development tools by those communities bringing enhanced navigation, advanced refactoring, code snippet generation and quick-fixes. It’s very exciting to see JetBrains releasing tools for the C++ community.


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