C++ Talks from the 2014 European LLVM Conference

The 2014 European LLVM Conference in April, 2014 included the following talks related to C++:

Speaker Title Content
Marshall Clow (Qualcomm) Keynote: What’s new in C++14, and how you can take advantage of it [Slides] [Video]
Daniel Jasper (Google) clang-tidy – Lint-like checks and beyond [Slides]
Hans Wennborg (Google) clang-cl: what it is, how it works, and how to use it [Slides] [Video]
Nick Lewycky (Google) Refactoring a large C++ codebase using clang [Slides] [Code]
Lightning Talks & Posters
Kostya Serebryany (Google) Detecting “container overflow” bugs [Slides]
Tobias Rieger (HU Berlin) Async Magic – std::async in C++ and its consequences for optimizations [Slides]
Kostya Serebryany (Google) “AsanCoverage” — coverage combined with AddressSanitizer [Slides]
Jonathan Roelofs (CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics) Which targets does clang support? [Slides]
Andrey Bokhanko (Intel) Intel Clang-Based C++ Compiler [Poster]

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