JetBrains Releases CLion 1.0

JetBrains has released CLion 1.0, a cross-platform integrated IDE for C++. CLion uses the same IDE framework that is the basis for IntelliJ, one of the best IDEs for Java. CLion provides an excellent editor with strong code navigation features and excellent refactoring support. For C++ development, CLion offers the best refactoring support around which is no surprise given the strong refactoring support for Java in IntelliJ.

If you are a C++ developer using Linux or MacOS, I strongly recommend you evaluate CLion. Windows developers should look at ReSharper C++, also from JetBrains.


Google Creating Rename Refactoring Tool

Google has issued a request for comments on a rename refactoring tool based on clang’s libtooling API. Their first iteration will:

  1. Provide a command-line tool which will semantically rename a symbol in a set of input files.
  2. Provide an API for performing a rename refactoring to allow integration into any development environment (Emacs, Vim, CodeMirror, etc.)

The tool will be released under the terms of the existing clang license and integrated into the clang source tree.