Future Meeting Topics

Here is a list of potential future meeting topics. Feel free to comment on this page to suggest new topics!

  • Memory leak detection and analysis: visual leak detector, valgrind, heap inspector, etc.
  • GPGPU programming with goopax.
  • Folly Futures, an implementation of futures for C++11 used at Facebook.
  • HPX (High Performance ParalleX) is a general purpose C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale.
  • How to implement plug-ins for C++ applications.
  • Crash reporting with BreakPad or BugTrap.
  • Eigen, a C++ template library for linear algebra.
  • Package managers for C++: Hunter, biicode, NuGet for C++ (VS only).
  • Dependency injection frameworks: Boost.DI (proposed), Wallaroo, sauce, Fruit.
  • CGAL, computational geometry algorithms library provides easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms.
  • Ultimate++, a cross-platform rapid application development framework.
  • OpenCV, an open source computer vision and machine learning software library.
  • Marsyas (Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals) is an open source software framework for audio processing with specific emphasis on Music Information Retrieval applications. (source on github)
  • Object-Relational Mapper libraries like ODB or QxOrm.
  • snappy a high speed compressor/decompressor library.
  • LLVM brings JIT to your C++
  • Programming Styles: Functional, OOP, Generics, Template Meta-Programming
  • POCO network and internet-based application library
  • C Traps and Pitfalls for C++ Programmers
  • Turtle mock object library for unit testing.
  • Unicode and C++
  • Embedded development with C++
  • Native Code Performance and Memory by Eric Brumer
  • Discussions around various Channel 9 (or other) videos
  • wxWidgets, Qt or other GUI frameworks.
  • Intel thread building blocks
  • OpenMP for parallel processing
  • Memory allocators: Google’s memory allocator, replacements for malloc and free, etc.
  • STL Allocators and how to use them with containers
  • Google protocol buffers and cap’n proto wire encoding schemes
  • Thrust is a parallel algorithms library which resembles the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).

C oriented libraries:

Useful tools:


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