The Week in C++ 2016.24: June 11th-18th

The Week in C++ 2016.23: June 4th-10th

Note: I’ve applied minor changes in formatting to this series. The title will now contain the year and week number within the year, e.g. 2016.23. YouTube videos will be linked inline and always be first in the list. “Hat tip” links will link to the specific source within a blog stream and not just the blog itself. Beginning with the next post, the “week” will begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday, making the next post cover 8 days.

The Week in C++ 2016.22: May 28th-June 3rd

The Week in C++ for May 21st-27th

This week in C++:

The Week in C++ for May 14th-20th

This week in C++:

The Week in C++ for May 7th-13th

This week in C++:

  • Boost 1.61.0 has been released. New libraries are Compute for parallel/GPU computing, DLL for cross-platform manipulation access to shared libraries, Hana for modern C++ metaprogramming, and Metaparse for compile-time parsers for an embedded DSL.
  • The library formerly known as C++ Format (cppformat) is now known simply as fmt. Fmt is an open-source formatting library for C++ that can be used as a typesafe alternative to printf or as a fast alternative to iostreams. (HT: ISO C++ blog)
  • C++ Weekly Episode 9: std::future Quick-start: In this episode we get a very fast quick-start to what std::future is and how to use std::async to run a function in another thread. (HT: ISO C++ blog)
  • Fabien Giesen has written a brief article explaining why compilers exploit undefined signed overflow. (HT: LLVM Weekly)
  • LLVM Weekly #123 links to discussions on the LLVM Code of Conduct and other recent happenings in the LLVM/clang community.
  • Qt Creator 4.0.0 released