Past Meeting Topics

Date Topic
2018.05 Group Programming Exercise with TDD and Mock Objects
2018.04 Home on the Range(s) Library
2018.03 Network and Internet Based Applications with POCO
2018.02 Give Your Old Code Some New Love
2018.01 All Tied Up With Strings
2017.12 Another Look at Embedded C++ with Kvasir
2017.11 Compile-Time Programming Explained
2017.10 Test-Driven Development with Mocks Workshop
2017.09 Summer of GUI: WTL
2017.08 Summer of GUI: Qt
2017.07 Summer of GUI: wxWidgets
2017.06 Standard Algorithms
2017.05 Modern Box2D with Louis Langholtz
2017.04 What’s New in Visual Studio 2017
2017.03 Fun With Lambdas
2017.02 The Direct Map to Hardware
2017.01 C++ Jobs Roundtable Discussion
2016.11 #include <os>
2016.10 Test-Driven Development Workshop
2016.09 Embedded Programming with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
2016.08 Algorithms, Containers and Iterators
2016.07 SIMD Parallelism with CPU Intrinsics
2016.06 Building C++ applications with CMake
2016.05 Concurrency and Parallelism with <thread>
2016.04 Group Refactoring with ReSharper for C++
2016.03 Consuming and Creating Libraries
2016.02 Getting Started with C++
2016.01 Package Management with Hunter and CMake
2015.12 Refactoring in C++
2015.11 Group Programming / 1 Year Anniversary
2015.10 More Modern C++
2015.09 A Tour of Modern C++
2015.08 What’s New in Visual Studio 2015
2015.07 Embedded Scripting with ChaiScript
2015.06 clang and clang-related tools
2015.05 Test-Driven Development
2015.04 Static Analysis Tools
2015.03 Graphics and Audio with Cinder
2015.02 Asynchronous Messaging with ØMQ
2015.01 Group in C++
2014.12 Iterators, Containers and Algorithms in the Standard Library
2014.11 Efficient Parsing with Boost.Spirit
2014.10 Boot Up!

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