Past Meeting Topics

Date Topic
2017.12 Another Look at Embedded C++ with Kvasir
2017.11 Compile-Time Programming Explained
2017.10 Test-Driven Development with Mocks Workshop
2017.09 Summer of GUI: WTL
2017.08 Summer of GUI: Qt
2017.07 Summer of GUI: wxWidgets
2017.06 Standard Algorithms
2017.05 Modern Box2D with Louis Langholtz
2017.04 What’s New in Visual Studio 2017
2017.03 Fun With Lambdas
2017.02 The Direct Map to Hardware
2017.01 C++ Jobs Roundtable Discussion
2016.11 #include <os>
2016.10 Test-Driven Development Workshop
2016.09 Embedded Programming with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
2016.08 Algorithms, Containers and Iterators
2016.07 SIMD Parallelism with CPU Intrinsics
2016.06 Building C++ applications with CMake
2016.05 Concurrency and Parallelism with <thread>
2016.04 Group Refactoring with ReSharper for C++
2016.03 Consuming and Creating Libraries
2016.02 Getting Started with C++
2016.01 Package Management with Hunter and CMake
2015.12 Refactoring in C++
2015.11 Group Programming / 1 Year Anniversary
2015.10 More Modern C++
2015.09 A Tour of Modern C++
2015.08 What’s New in Visual Studio 2015
2015.07 Embedded Scripting with ChaiScript
2015.06 clang and clang-related tools
2015.05 Test-Driven Development
2015.04 Static Analysis Tools
2015.03 Graphics and Audio with Cinder
2015.02 Asynchronous Messaging with ØMQ
2015.01 Group in C++
2014.12 Iterators, Containers and Algorithms in the Standard Library
2014.11 Efficient Parsing with Boost.Spirit
2014.10 Boot Up!

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